Abonyi-Tóth Zsolt

Welcome to our site! My name is Abonyi-Tóth Zsolt, the manager and one of the owners of Data Processor Ltd. I'm a mathematician, I teach biomathematics and informatics at Szent Istvan University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department of Biomathematics and Informatics since 1993. I'm a member of the ISCB (International Society for Clinical Biostatistics). I have contributed to the preparation of numerous theses, dissertations and publications by providing analyses of data.

I have been cooperating with RxTarget Ltd. from its founding. We co-operate in analyzing medical and pharmaceutical data and have several publications in this area of science. My specialty is the development of mathematical models to process partially wrong or missing data to answer the questions of our customers.

In the past 20 years I have been co-operating with people of very different professional background and we have always managed to find the common language. I'm capable of understanding their problems and I can give comprehensive answers. This guarantees the high quality of services provided by our company and ensures the satisfaction of our customers.

We started our limited liability company in 2014 to answer the needs of our new customers and to set up a basis for carrying out more complex tasks.

About the company

Name: Data Processor Ltd. (Adatrendező Kft. in Hungarian)
Home: H-2330 Dunaharaszti, Golgota str. 17. Hungary
European tax number: HU24905136
Registration number: 13-09-169592

About our servers

Our servers are working in a cloud using several real computers and storages parallelly. If in any of them a technical failure occurs, the others will take over, so the service is available without interruption. After logging in, you can use a secure connection to upload your data and track how we process it. We store your data for a year.