Basic package

We offer this package to companies who want to use their data, but need professional help to get the answers for their questions. You just send your data, we transform them and send back to you.

Contact us if you have data (even paper-based) and you want to get answers for your questions from them, but you don't know how to do it. We transform your data to make the answers visible for you.
If you need statistical analysis too, select our researcher package.

How to get the offer

Please fill in our request form. Describe what kind of data and what questions you have (eg. I want to know which customer bought products for more than EUR 1000 last month, but my data are available in 10 tables of different structures). Upload a sample of your data to show us the structure and the errors to be corrected. We'll contact you soon and make an offer.


This service is available from EUR 65 depending on the amount and the quality of your data.