Extended package

We offer this package to companies who need an up-to-date database. We develop the database and write a customized application to access it.

After the order we create a database and an application. This will enable you to produce all the reports you need.

We receive new data from you on a regular basis and we right away integrate them into the database to show you the current state.

Data can be stored on our server. You can use any web browser to access the database through a secure connection. The appearance of the application is just like that of a homebanking site. After login, you can see your data in the form you need with grouping, filtering and ordering options. We make backup copies regularly to avoid unpleasant surprise.

You don't have to use our server for storage if you have your own and you give us access to develop there.

How to get the offer

Please fill in our request form. Describe what kind of data and questions you have (e.g. I want to know which customer bought products for more than EUR 1000 month by month, but my data are available in 10 tables of different structures). Upload a sample of your data to show us the structure and the errors to be corrected. We'll contact you soon and make an offer.


  • Please give us information on your needs in writing so that we could compile an offer on the required application development.
  • Storage of your database and the backup copies on our server is available from EUR 135 per month.
  • Regular data update charge is from EUR 65 depending on the size and complexity of data.

We offer discount from the development fee for customers who order storage and/or data update service for a minimum of 2 years and for EUR 260 per month.