Data processing, analysis

  • for companies
  • for organisations

There are a lot of companies that have a lot of data at their disposal that is not utilised, because the companies don't know how to get information from them. We know how to help.

We can enter data, correct your wrong tables and analyze your data. We can do it once or on a regular basis. If you have only a few questions, we'll provide the answers. If you have a number of questions, we're ready to develop an application to show you the results and regularly update your data.

Statistics, data analysis

  • for students
  • for researchers

Best students and researchers like to pay attention to their own specialty. Let us do the job of analysing your data.

We are experienced professionals in statistical analysis. We have contributed to several theses, dissertations homeworks and publications. We don't just calculate, we also explain the statistical methods used and clarify the meaning of the results.

We can as well be co-authors of scientific publications.

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