Thesis package

We offer this package to students who are not able to perform the statistical analysis for their thesis or homework, or not able to produce their data in the appropriate form.

We transform your data into the optimal format for statistical softwares. We analyse the data and send back the results and the converted data tables. We summarise what you should include into the "methods and materials" and "results" chapters, and attach a document that shortly and comprehensively describes the applied statistical tests. We use the R statistical software.

How to get the offer

Please fill in our request form. Describe what kind of results you need (e.g. I want to see whether the average body mass weight was the same in groups coded in column B). Upload your data to show us the structure of data and the errors to be corrected. Upload an empty questionnaire if you used one.

We'll send our offer in email. After accepting our offer and transferring the service fee, you'll get the results in 7 days. We provide a free, 1 hour e-mail or skype consultation to support the interpretation of the results.

Before compiling our offer, we'll contact you to clarify any questions related to the task.


  • The fee of the service is typically between EUR 30 and 60.
  • Transformation of data can be EUR 30. (We also offer typing your data in case you don't have them electronically.)
    • Our offer contains the description of the required data transformations. In case you decide to do the transformations on your own, you'll have to pay for the analysis only.